Introduction and first session

If you are interested in coaching, we can make an appointment to meet up and get acquainted. The appointment will take place in my coaching practice for a free intake of 30 minutes in which we talk about your questions and goals. During this meeting, you can also ask me what you want to know about Voice Dialogue or about me as a coach and person. I will take an open attitude in this conversation and I invite you to also do that.

After the intake we decide if there is mutual trust and if we feel a good base to work together in coaching sessions. When you opt to be coached by me, we will immediately follow up with a 60 minute Voice Dialogue session in which you can experience the Voice Dialogue method and start taking the first step towards your goals.

Follow-up sessions

After this first session, you return for two more sessions of 90 minutes each. In these sessions you will become more acquainted with Voice Dialogue and will gain thorough insight in the life theme of your choice.

After the third session we will evaluate: have you achieved what you wanted in these three sessions or do we continue? If we continue, I will give you an indication of the amount of sessions I think we will need. Over the course of the sessions we will regularly evaluate, so that we can adjust where and when necessary.


The coaching sessions take place during the day, there are limited options in the evenings as well.

The sessions take place in Het Coachhuis in Maastricht. If traveling there is not an option, online coaching can also be facilitated through a secure, GDPR-proof connection. Please contact me for more information: