What others say

Below you will find several reviews from people who have experienced one or more Voice Dialogue sessions with me. Please note that some of these reviews were originally given in Dutch and have been translated in English.

“Jeroen has very good listening skill and sharp eyes.
He gave the right question at the right moment which helped me hear different voices in me equally. Thanks to Jeroen, I was able to evaluate the situation clearly and made an important choice with confidence!”
– review given after 5 sessions in 2020


“It has been a special experience and I am happy that Jeroen introduced me to the Voice Dialogue technique. I often think back on the various roles in my inner bus, I talk to them kindly and I am able to bring the theory into practice in my head even after just one session. Jeroen has a warm, caring attitude that makes you feel at ease quickly.”

– Nina, 27, theatre student –

“The Voice Dialogue session took place at the beginning of my exam weeks. I wasn’t looking forward to studying and kept procrastinating: studying had become something that I did besides my other activities. During the session several parts were investigated, in which I could feel my inner conflict and in which I could acknowledge that deep inside I wanted to work harder for my studies. Meanwhile, I have been doing more courses and I have been working with more pleasure. Confronting myself proved to be very effective!”

– Melissa, 20, student –

“Jeroen has held up a mirror for me that felt confronting but absolutely not judging, which made me feel completely at ease. He has a very calm, pleasant energy that makes it very nice to work with him. I have gained new insights that I certainly can and will use in the future!”

– Tünde, 27, young professional –

“This was my first time and I actually knew little about it all. I was open to try new things and discover more about myself. Jeroen was very open and friendly, he acknowledged that I was nervous and that I didn’t know much about the matter, and led me on in a very good way. There was not a single moment that I felt humiliated, just a little uncomfortable in the beginning. Jeroen was able to take this discomfort away quickly by taking me seriously. All in all, it is recommended if you are curious about the technique and want to learn more about yourself.”

– Leonie, 21, student –