Stretch Your Selves -sessions

Do you want to…

… gain more self-confidence and be ok with who you are?

… stop pleasing, stop trying to do everything perfect, stop criticizing yourself?  

… prevent burn-out and start doing the things that matter to you?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, chances are high that what you need to do is to ‘Stretch Your Selves’. No, not yourSELF, Your Selves. What do I mean by that? Enter the self-insight method Voice Dialogue!   

In Voice Dialogue, we look at our personality as consisting of different Selves. All of our Selves show themselves through behaviour patterns, feelings, thoughts, qualities and challenges. When certain Selves are very strong, their counterparts become more invisible . For example, someone with a strong inner Perfectionist could suffer from not being able to relax until all his work is done at 130% quality level. When his inner ‘Relaxed Guy’ is completely missing in the picture, chances are high he will end up getting burn-out.

In this training we work on this process of getting to know your inner Selves as well as creating more room for the parts of you that could use a little more stage time in the theatre of your life. You gain more self-awareness, become better at self-care and self-acceptation, and last but not least become better at making life choices that work for you.  

Practical information

The Stretch Your Selves-programme consists of the following:

  • 1 online training sessions in a small group
  • 3 individual online coaching sessions, on a date and time that works best for you
  • 1 online group sharing session to conclude the programme
  • Dates for the sessions t.b.a. with the participants.

Special price due to Corona crisis:
€373,50 €270 €216

We are looking for a small group of between 3 and 6 people. Sign-up through if you’re interested, and as soon as there are enough participants we will come up with a starting date!