For you?

To stop searching what is wrong with you and instead to have the courage to look at yourself and accept what you see. That is the core of working with Voice Dialogue. From this accepting point of view, we look at difficult situations or problems that you encounter in daily life. We also look at how you can deal with these obstacles more effectively.

In dealing with these problems it would be great if you could change other people or external circumstances. Unfortunately, most of the time our influence on what other people do, think or feel is limited. What you can influence though, is how you yourself deal with the outside world.

So, having said this – what can Voice Dialogue help you with?:

  • You are perfectionistic and self-critical and want to deal with that in a better way
  • You experience other people ignoring your boundaries and you want to feel and set your boundaries more firmly
  • You feel like you’re heading towards burn-out and want to prevent that (or recover from it)
  • You experience difficulty in your communication with others (work or private life)
  • You have an important choice to make regarding career, friendship, family or relationships and you don’t know what to do
  • You experience being different than your peers because of being introverted and/or sensitive and want to gain tools to deal with these challenges while staying authentic
  • You feel like you lost your creativity and spontaneity and want to find it back
  • You experience tension when having to present yourself and would like to become more relaxed with that

If you recognize one of the situations above and would like to see what I can help you with, contact me through